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(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

When I heard Target was paying their employees $15 an hour I was highly impressed with their CEO. Now, they’re taking it to another level.

Target is adding new features to make holiday shopping safer and easier.

They will double parking spots that are dedicated to curbside pick up. They will allow customers to use their smartphone instead of shared scanners in the self checkout lanes. You’ll also be able to check Target’s website to see if there is a line outside of the store and reserve a spot ahead of your visit. More employees will have handheld mobile devices to allow people to skip the line and make purchases in different parts of the store.

This is awesome, but once word gets out about this, everyone will flock to Target and probably make each store insanely busy. My brother works at a Target so I’ll definitely be hitting him up for the homie hook-up. Let me skip in line bro!

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