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R. Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly has spoken out after the guilty verdict R. Kelly received Monday.

Drea Kelly, the disgraced singer’s ex-wife, has voiced her opinion about the verdict for the first time since a New York jury found him guilty on all nine federal counts. Drea spoke to ITV’s Good Morning Britain Tuesday, per The Guardian, explaining the importance of the women abused by her ex-husband telling their truth, “[It’s important] that women are supported to even feel like they have the strength to come forward and tell their stories. If they’re still victim shaming, victim blaming, and women being afraid to speak their truth, we can never get to a court system where justice can be served.”

She then blatantly pointed out the race issue when it comes to Black women in abusive situations. “I’ve always said if any of his victims were blonde and blue-eyed it wouldn’t have taken this long,” she said. “Women of color tend to be lowest on the totem pole when it comes to subjects of domestic violence and sexual abuse.”

Drea, who was married to R. Kelly for 13 years, described her relationship with him as, “a life of constant fear … walking on eggshells … the intimidation, never knowing which version of him you’re going to get.”

Drea shares three children with the disgraced R&B star, Joann, 23, Jay, 21, and Robert Kelly Jr., 19.

As we’ve previously reported, R. Kelly was found guilty on all nine federal counts Monday, including racketeering, sex crimes, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and human trafficking.