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It’s that time of the year to watch out for the scammers!

If an Amazon package you didn’t ask for turns up on your doorstep this holiday season, you might want to look that gift horse in the mouth. The unsolicited item could be part of a new holiday season scam, authorities say.

Third-party sellers have been getting a hold of Amazon customers’ names and addresses, and sending them expensive items they didn’t order. While some of the items are sent so the seller might receive a positive review from the customer, others have more nefarious purposes: they’re followed by a hefty charge to the recipient’s Amazon account, according to the Better Business Bureau.

One customer, Karen Baumann, says she received a calligraphy pen and a child’s scooter in a package with “Amazon” listed on the return address label. Shortly afterward, she noticed that $80 had been charged to the debit card she uses for the online retailer, she says. If you receive an unsolicited package, the BBB recommends changing your Amazon password immediately.

Damn, they really think of everything these days! Like Santa, make your list and check it twice, especially when those packages appear!

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