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In a new interview, DaniLeigh opens up about her on-again and off-again relationship with rapper DaBaby.

“It was toxic,” she said per Uproxx. “We had our really good times. We were in love. He had his little mess-ups and stuff, so we’d break up for a month and then get back together… We broke up a lot.”

The “Easy” singer welcomed a baby girl with the rapper back in August and mentioned their nine-month-old in regard to the heated Instagram Live fight between her and the “Suge” rapper that happened back in November.

“It was very triggering, very sad,” the singer said. “I wish it didn’t happen because I don’t want my baby to see that later on in life.”

She continued, “But she’ll grow to be her own person and to be able to take things in.”

The interview comes on the heels of the singer’s first song of 2022. “Dead to Me” is seemingly a diss track targeting the North Carolina rapper. In the song, she sings: “You f—ing all these h—/Thinking I wouldn’t know/You played me like a fool, lil baby/Got a bitch thinking I’m crazy.”

Listen to the song below:

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