The Morning Bounce

Weekday Mornings 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Mean Jean & Jit Master Mike at Jit Master Dance Studio

The jit is a footwork based dance that started in the 70s in Detroit, and has evolved over the years and incorporates; African dance, modern, jazz and tap. Jit also involves acrobatic moves, which gives the dance its flavor. Jit Masters studios is run by Jit Master Mike and is all about preserving the history of the dance, while teaching everyone from seven to 70.

I got the opportunity to go over to the studio with Jit Master Mike, and Lamar L1 where I not only learned the history of the dance, but Mike and Lamar gave me a crash course in jitting, put a routine together for me and told me about a lot of the cool stuff Jit Master Studios has coming up. At the end Mike gave me the official title of Jit Master.

To learn more about their classes/events and keep up with Jit Master Studios you can; on Jit Masters Studios Official Website, Jit Masters on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.