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Mean Jean at the Fox Theater

It wouldn’t be 313 Day if I didn’t make a stop at the world famous Fox Theater, the building was first opened in 1915 as a movie theater, as a place for Detroiters to escape reality. The building has a lot of history, the five story lobby was built to mimic a Hindu temple and is exactly the same as it was on opening night; September 21, 1928.

There are parts of the building that still aren’t finished, in the lobby there are original construction numbers that are visible to the naked eye (if you know where to look). The Fox also features the longest aisle in a theater in America, and sometimes people walk down that aisle to get married.

“Ol Blue Eyes,” Frank Sinatra performed a show at the Fox Theater and was asked for an autograph from a stagehand, and Sinatra signed a freshly painted wall next to the stage. That wall now has now been signed by a who’s who of comedy and music.

Shoutout to Tony Serra, the Director of Operations of the Fox Theater for the tour, if you want to see their list of upcoming events, hit up