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J. Steele

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I could not imagine not sharing the joy of Christmas with my kids; and I mean ALL of the joy.

Basketball player, Dwyane Wade told his wife, Gabrielle Union, “There’s no way in hell I’m letting these kids think that old white man is sneaking into our house and doing anything for them.”

Ouch! Turns out Dwyane didn’t believe in Santa growing up.

Gabrielle says, “We have these conversations when it comes to raising our children about where to draw the line between fantasy and ‘Hey, that’s not how life works.'”

The couple have a 10-month old daughter, and Dwyane has three kids from other relationships who are 5, 12 and 17. He also raises a nephew who turns 18 this month.

Growing up, Santa was an important figure in my childhood and it brought me so much happiness and joy that I couldn’t imagine not sharing that with my kids.

What do you think? Should he stick to what believes in or lighten up and share the joy with his kids?