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J Steele

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Why doesn’t everyone just do chicken?!

Taco Bell will begin testing its new Crispy Tortilla Chicken tenders in Houston, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, starting tomorrow, before launching it everywhere next year. Customers can choose to try the tenders in a taco for just $1.99 or get two tenders for $2.99 or three tenders for $3.99. They can also get them in a $5 or $7 boxes.

Taco Bell said it tested more than 100 versions of the new chicken tenders before deciding on the final recipe.

Even though Taco Bell is a taco place, the chicken tenders don’t sound bad. They come marinated in a jalapeno buttermilk mixture, which makes them a little spicy. They are also coated in tortilla chip crumbs and come with a new signature sauce. The sauce is said to be somewhat similar to the Chick-Fil-A sauce.

I have a lot of family in Dayton so I will certainly be going home to try this and I will come back with a full review!