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This Adorable Michigan Bakery & Cafe Serves Up Sweet Treats

If you are anything like me, you can’t control when the cravings for sweets hit. My tastebuds get antsy like “Hey! Give us some sugar so we can party.” Or maybe it's that little guy on your shoulder saying “It’s okay! Just one won’t hurt.” Well, that’s exactly what happened when I was driving through Milan one day & stumbled upon this unbelievable bakery & cafe. No, not Milan, Italy. It's a Michigan bakery! It’s called Life is Sweet and let me tell you, it’s not only adorable, it’s delicious. Life is Sweet Bakery & Cafe's Delicious Offerings They have so many amazing sweets and breads like cannoli's, cheddar & sourdough breads, cupcakes, bagels, fruit tarts, pizza rolls, carrot cake, crème brûlée, carrot cake, and the list goes on & on! That’s not all though. They also have several pressed sandwiches & soups to choose from as well as crafted beverages like lattes. Life is Sweet Pantry Shop Now, they are not only a bakery & cafe, but they also have the cutest little pantry shop attached. You can buy teas, wines, olive oils, cheeses, decor, plates & so much more. They even have a wine tasting bar you can book to check out their wines. What I Typically Order I’ve been a bunch of times now and I usually get the pressed Caprese sandwich. It’s on focaccia bread with mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, and a balsamic glaze. It’s really fantastic. For a drink, I usually get their Chai Tea Latte. And for the best part, dessert, I usually order the berry crème brûlée. Life is Sweet Top Selling Food Items I did ask an employee there what the biggest selling treat & sandwiches were. Sam said the fruit tart shown above usually goes pretty quickly. She also said that the Turkey Brie sandwich is a big seller. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth So, just go ahead & give in. Don’t deny it any longer. Life’s too short to not be sweet! Indulge that little guy on your shoulder and make a stop into this amazing Michigan bakery & cafe in Milan. They are located at 42 E Main St, Milan, MI 48160

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