J Steele

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Costco lifted mask guidelines for fully vaccinated customers on May 14.

Prices are going up just about everywhere, but there’s still one product out there that’s not budging a single penny – the $1.50 Costco hot-dog-and-soda combo.

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek went on CNBC Monday and was asked if he planned to raise the price of the retailer’s signature menu item – which has remained at $1.50 for decades.

His one-word response?  “No.”

Costco has raised the price of a few food court items in recent months – the chicken bake went up a dollar to $3.99, while the price of a 20-oz soda climbed 10 cents.

Ultimately, Costco has been the most affordable lunch combo out in these streets! The CEO knows better than to mess with that money maker, despite how cheap it is! I’m slacking because I haven’t been inside of a Costco in years and I could probably save plenty of money on lunch!

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