Detroiter, James Render, has taken his love of ice cream from the streets to the shelves. In an interview with WXYZ, James explained that his first love of ice cream came from a Betty Crocker cookbook when he was very young. It was later while working as a Detroit school teacher, he ran a fundraiser with ice cream of his own family’s design. James said this about his mother “She explained how when she was a girl, how her grandmother taught her how to make different flavors of ice cream,”

James bought an old church in 2012 and then by 2017 started producing HattieGirl Ice Cream. And to honor his mother he put her face right on the front. “At first she was, you know, she was shocked,” said Render of his mother. But she quickly came to love the honor and is super proud of her son and what he’s accomplished. “Every day, every single day — she’s over there. She hasn’t missed one day,” said Render.

HattieGirl Ice Cream have some great flavors like pound cake, sweet potato pie, and pistachio.

HattieGirl Ice Cream just launched their ice cream at Walmart on Plymouth and Middlebelt and is already sold out!

These commercials are just absolute gold! I hope that they have continued success just so I can see more of these characters.

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