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Buffalo chicken wings are so popular, they have restaurants devoted to them! Website Eat This, Not That has shared its list of each state’s best chicken wings.

In Michigan, the award goes to Coop Caribbean Fusion in Detroit. According to EatThis.com, “Coop sources chicken from a local farm and gives it a 24-hour marinade with a blend of Asian and Caribbean flavors. The wings get a guava barbecue sauce. For a memorable meal, team them up with the Caribbean corn that’s slathered in cilantro aioli, and topped with toasted coconut, queso fresco, bacon crumbles, and Old Bay.”

I ain’t gonna lie, that sounds absolutely fire. Why haven’t I not gone? Coop is located at 474 Peterboro St. in Detroit. No word on if they know it yet but that has to be one of the best Christmas gifts ever to be recognized.

Check out the whole list of each state’s best chicken wings over at EatThis.com!

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