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A lot of people used their downtime during the last year or so to get in better shape. A lot of people didn’t.

Businesses Continue To Reopen As Lockdown Measures Ease

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A recent survey by One Poll got to the bottom of what motivates people to be active.

If you’re looking for some motivation to get your butt moving, keep these reasons in mind!

Hotpod Yoga 'Stretch For The NHS'

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65% want to get or stay in better shape

Fitness Class Held Outside During Coronavirus Pandemic

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65% want a reason to get out of the house

Germany Faces Growing Elderly Population

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62% want to see friends/family again

England Enters Tier System After Second Coronavirus Lockdown Ends- Tier Two

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57% want to return to a pre-pandemic normal

New York State Allows Gyms And Museums To Re-Open Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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51% want to make the most of the warm weather